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Alvarez believes he has the key to winning

September 13th, 2018: By Chris Henderson

While the build-up has been full of tension from both camps there seems to be a realization that fight week is actually here now. Yesterday during the final press conference for the Canelo Alvarez vs Gennady Golovkin rematch the faces were stoic but there didn’t seem to be any real anxiety from either guy. Both fighters appear to be ready to get it on.
The talking is done so to speak, it’s time to prove it in the ring. While most fans believe they know what each guy needs to do to be successful it’s always better to hear what the fighter himself feels and that’s exactly what Alvarez did in a recent interview;
“He is a rival who is strong, he is strong, he throws punches and assimilates blows,” explained Alvarez (49-1-2, 34 ko’s) in an exclusive interview with ESPN Wednesday evening. “Has experience. He’s a fighter who’s going to the front. “
“But he has many mistakes, he goes with his punches,” he added. “They are all powerful and when they are all strong, it makes them look slower. For me, that makes it may be less complicated to get in and counter-hit. It’s not that hard to hit him.”
Alvarez also expressed that he and his team have been specifically working on conditioning for the rematch with Golovkin. This is something that most observers feel was his downfall during the first fight which ended in a controversial draw last year.
Alvarez and his trainer Eddy Reynoso have acknowledged that they believe they won the first fight and need to do so more convincingly this time around. They believe the key to doing just that is by bringing a higher volume this fight.
Most pundits and observers may feel Alvarez and Reynoso are wrong in their feelings about the first fight, they may be onto something about the key to victory in this one.

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