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Arum Counters Spence

September 12 2018

By: Christopher Henderson 

Saturday night at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn following the WBC championship bout between Shawn Porter and Danny Garcia, IBF welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr took to the podium at the post fight press conference.

Spence had plenty to say in regards to WBO champion Terence Crawford and the particulars of a bout between the two. From “I’m a lot better fighter” to the “Who he fought” and the “He’s gotta come to Showtime” quotes Spence “planted” his flag in some fans eyes.

It’s been a bit of both sides taken by fan’s overall, from supporting Spence’s statements to criticizing them and saying he’s throwing up roadblocks. Crawford promoter Bob Arum recently expressed his feelings on the matter;

“Look, we want the fight. We want the fight as soon as possible next year. We’re ready to make that fight but he’s throwing out excuses.”

Fan’s have expressed concerns over how or even if it’s possible for the bout to happen with all the new network deals and such. Arum is quick to dispel that notion;

“There’s ways to get around that. If the deal is right, me nor Al Haymon will prevent this fight from happening. It’s up to the fighter’s and Terence wants this fight. Spence, I don’t know. We’ll see.”

There’s little doubt that Spence vs Crawford is one of the best fight’s that can be made in boxing. It’s a matter of timing and projected earnings right now. For the moment Crawford has Jose Benavidez to worry about on October 13th.

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