Billy Joe-Saunders in hot water with the BBBofC. Video shows him offering crack for sex act

September 17th, 2018: By Aaron Cooper

Boy oh boy. WBO world middleweight champion, Billy Joe Saunders seems to have landed himself in some serious hot water with the British Boxing Board of Control!!

The man from Hatfield. Due to defend his world title in just over a months time against Demetrius ‘Boo Boo’ Andrade on October 20th in Boston. Shared a video on social media that may have landed him in some deep s**t.

The video in question shows the world champion offering a woman £150 of ‘crack’ to perform a sex act on one of the passengers accompanying him in his Rolls-Royce. If that wasn’t enough he offered the same woman the money to them punch a man walking down the road in the face!

The woman agreed to the demands. But wished to see the ‘crack’ up front. However, Saunders switched the conversation quickly to a man walking towards the car.

” I know him. he’s a p*****, he’s a paedophile , punch him in the face. I’m going to give you £150 worth.”

Oh, it gets better ladies and gentleman. She only goes and slaps him. Telling him ” I’ve heard you’re a paedophile mate.”

Here’s the kicker. Saunders then tells the woman he is in fact not a sex offender. Driving off laughing as the woman is seen apologizing to the man!

Robert Smith, General Secretary of the BBBofC has described the video as ‘disgusting’. Insisting that this incident will be brought before the board. ” I have just seen the video and I can tell you we find it disgusting,” said Smith. “I am speaking to the board now. I am keen to get on with this as soon as possible.

This, of course, is a serious situation. As a champion, Saunder might (and I hope not after this) be seen as a role model. Stick with for further updates.

3 thoughts on “Billy Joe-Saunders in hot water with the BBBofC. Video shows him offering crack for sex act

  1. Druggie bastard! Stop dragging down boxing and Travelers, you prick. I’m a traveler- love boxing and don’t mind a drink but all these “hard men,” wanting to be into the drugs, are total tools. BJ- you’re a superstar- try to be a good role model to traveler kids and all kids, please 👍

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