Fury rages at Joshua: “He’ll never fight me”.

September 23rd 2018: By Aaron Cooper

Unified heavyweight champion of the world, Anthony Joshua further cemented his status as the world’s #1 heavyweight with a seventh-round knockout over Alexander Povetkin last night. A nigh-on ninety thousand strong crowd braved the rain at Wembley Stadium last night.

Joshua certainly did not have it his own way. Many had written off Povetkin ahead of last night’s clash. Those in the know knew this by anything but straightforward for Joshua. Povetkin certainly put up a fight. Let us not forget only Wladimir Klitschko had beaten him before. Even at thirty-nine, he is still one of the best heavyweights on the planet.

Joshua had to overcome a broken nose in the first round along with a shaky start to brutally hand Povetkin the first stoppage loss of his career. Popular fan opinion suggests that Povetkin was ahead going into the seventh. Personally, I had it even. I could make no case for Joshua being in front.

In just twenty-two fights, Joshua can claim Dillian Whyte, Dominic Breazeale, Carlos Takam, Wladimir Klitschko, Joseph Parker and now Povetkin to his resume. In reality, none of his peers in the division can claim to have anywhere near a resume as strong.

In his post-fight interview Joshua. Business like as ever didn’t really want to discuss what lay ahead for him next. When pushed he gave one name … Deontay Wilder.

Fan opinion is split. Joshua seems to have developed his fair share of critics. Especially since walking away from a reported $80m to fight the American champion earlier this year. The name Wilder is bound to follow Joshua around until he fights him.

One man, however, took umbrage to Joshua omitting his name from a future fight … Tyson Fury

“Think it’s now safe to say AJ and his team are a pack of s***houses and will rob the British boxing fans.

“They will never fight me.

”Way too slow and ponderous. Can’t box eggs! Contact me when you grow a pair.

“I’m 27 and 0 and the lineal heavyweight champion of the world! Can’t say I blame team Joshua.”

But Fury did not stop there.

Continuing his tirade, he revealed: “It’s safe to say now that they will never fight the Gypsy King. Never.

“They mentioned if it’s not Wilder, it’s [Dillian] Whyte. There’s no mention of Tyson Fury, the lineal heavyweight champion of the world.

It’s all right fighting men 39 years old, half your size.

“Tonight is pure evidence I’m fighting the best heavyweight out there in Deontay Wilder. Joshua is not even close.

“He’s slow, methodical, ponderous at times. Powerful? Yes. But they all are.

“Very, very clear to see, avoid me at all costs. If I was Joshua, I would avoid me, I’d jab your head off.”

Pretty strong words from Fury.

Ladies and gentleman the irony should not be lost on you that Fury dragged Sefer Seferi up from cruiserweight to fight him in his comeback fight. Where the physical advantages between the two men were far great than those of Joshua over Povetkin. Let’s throw in that Povetkin is arguably one of the top five heavyweights in the world. And, based on that performance last night. Could give every heavyweight in the top ten a tough fight.

Just why did Joshua not name drop Fury?

Just a wild stab in the dark folks. Anthony Joshua thinks that Wilder will beat Fury come December 1st.

Hopefully, we’ll find out soon enough.


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