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Golovkin loses his cool at Canelo’s suggestion that he lacks balls, makes reporter an interesting offer.

September 13th, 2018: By Aaron Cooper

We are mere days away from the biggest fight of the year. For all the trials and tribulations we will finally see Gennady Golovkin put his WBC and WBA world titles on the line against Saul’ Canelo’ Alvarez.

The eyes of the boxing world will be fixated on Las Vegas Nevada for the next few days. It feels like an age since the consensus #1 and #2 middleweights in the world squared off for the first time.

The three scoring judges robbed us of a victor. The man to pin the hard-earned title of best middleweight in the world on. The build-up to the first fight was oh so different from this one. There was a respect between the two men.

That respect has gone clean out of the window this time around….

So too has the demeanor of one Gennady Gennadyovich Golovkin. The respect he once has for his fiery-haired foe has made way for anger and dislike. Not least of all because of all the time wasted after a failed drugs test saw the original rematch date of May 5th go up in smoke.

Golovkin, a man usually the epitome of calm appeared to snap after a reporter asked what he thought of Canelo saying he had no balls.

GGG fired back with an interesting response:

“He (Canelo) talk a lot, you know Oscar talk a lot (too). Do you believe him? If you want I will show you over there (pointing at restroom). You know he (Canelo) is not a real guy. Guys, guys. No, no. Please, please. This is crazy question. I like professional questions, not like that. That is crazy.’

This fight has ‘Fight of the Year’ written all over it. Their fight in 2017 was business. This is personal ….

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