Jones/Cormier 3 On The Way?

October 1 2018

By: Christopher Henderson 

Daniel Cormier is widely considered one of the greatest mixed martial artist’s of all time. Even before beating Stipe Miocic back in July to become heavyweight champion, Cormier was on the short list of greatest champions in UFC history.

Unfortunately for Cormier, even with everything he has accomplished in his career he will always be tied to Jon Jones. No matter how much Cormier would like to forget about Jones, he’s gonna be there. Jones is the only man to ever defeat the current two division champion and he’s done it twice although the most recent was changed to a no contest.

In many pundits opinion however the win(s) over Cormier come with an asterisk due to Jones’ history with USADA. While he denies ever knowingly taking any type of performance enhancing substance, the fact remains that he’s twice (last of which was an in competition test for UFC 214: Jones/Cormier) tested positive for banned substances. That in itself is enough to cast a shadow over his legacy.

The shame is that Jones just may be the greatest fighter to ever live. However, there’ll always be questions about how much of his otherworldly talent and ability came naturally through hard work. He is currently serving a 15 month suspension from USADA for his last failed test and will be eligible to return on October 28th.

Currently, the UFC is hoping to match Jones in a rematch against Alexander Gustafsson more than likely at UFC 232 in December. The two fought in September 2013 in a fight that is considered among the greatest light heavyweight bouts of all time. The promotion is looking to make the fight for the light heavyweight belt.

To do so however would mean that Cormier, who currently holds both the light heavyweight and heavyweight titles, would be stripped of his belt. Needless to say that don’t sit well with Cormier. Following his win over Miocic, Cormier began positioning for a bout with former champion Brock Lesnar in a fight that would guarantee Cormier his career high payday. Lesnar himself is currently serving a suspension by USADA and is eligible to return in January.

Cormier has said previously that he had no interest in a third fight with Jones. He wanted the Lesnar fight and then likely retire as he’s long maintained he wants to step away from the octagon by the time he’s 40. That of course was before the UFC was considering taking his belt and “giving it away” as Cormier said.

Today on the Helwani Show Cormier said that he will in fact fight Jones again. He’s unhappy with the way the situation is being handled by the UFC and feels they’re catering to Jones.

Cormier also said he feels like USADA has lost all credibility over the way they’ve handled the Jones ordeal.

While Cormier had plenty to say about his former foe he did say that he was fighting Jones again because he simply “can’t turn off his competitiveness” and his desire to fight the best. Cormier said even if he doesn’t respect Jones he does know that he is one of the best fighter’s of all time.

Cormier also said he really hasn’t changed his plans on retirement and that he would like to face Lesnar in January then possibly Jones in March although he admits that will be tough to do.

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