Okolie becomes British champ, but has THREE points deducted.

September 22nd 2018; By Aaron Cooper

Over the years the desire for the Lord Lonsdale title amongst British fighters has produced some fantastic fights over its long and storied history. Ladies and Gentleman the fight between Lawrence Okolie and Matty Askin is certainly not one of them.

It was one of, if not the worst fights I’ve ever witnessed in twenty-six years of watching boxing.

Let’s get the result out of the way. Lawrence Okolie is the new British cruiserweight champion. In just his tenth professional outing too. But my oh my has he got some work to do.

The bout actually began fairly well and it looked as though Okolie might make a short nights work of it. His reach advantage evident from the opening bell. Pumping jab after jab into the face of the outgoing champion. He put together some great bodywork too.

Sadly that is where the boxing stopped and the absolute s**t show began.

Okolie was content to hit and hold instantly. Smothering any attempt that Askin made to work. It must be said that it wasnt all Okolie’s fault. Askin lacked any lateral movement. Instead, coming forwards and backward in straight lines. Making it easy for Okolie to carry on doing what he was doing.

It has to be said that Okolie was perhaps lucky to stay in the fight. His discipline in the ring is terrible. Earlier in his career, he was deducted a point for excessive holding. In this fight, he had THREE points taken off. For holding, use of the head and the use of the shoulder.

Ultimately because of Askin’s lack of activity and the tactics employed by Okolie the three scoring judges returned scores on 16-110, 114-112 and 114 113.

The new British champion is miles away from the European level. He’s nowhere near ready.

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