Price quits on his stool in four

September 22nd 2018: By Aaron Cooper

My oh my. The boxing gods must really have it in for Liverpool’s David Price.

Nearly six months on from his valiant effort against Alexander Povetkin. David Price was forced to pull out of his bout with Sergey Kuzmin at the end of the fourth round due to a bicep injury.

It was a pretty even fight at the point of the stoppage as Price was clearly holding his own against the unbeaten Russian. Those that were in attendance on a wet night in North London fell deafly silent at the decision.

“I’ve had a slight tear in the bicep the last few weeks,” Price said afterwards. “We had to take the fight, and take a chance.

“At the end of the fourth round, it was barely movable.

“It’s really frustrating. I would love the opportunity to fight him again with the right preparation.”

Price opened the fight nicely. Boxing well at range. By the second round, the Russian had worked a way to navigate that range and land his own hard shots. Every shot that Kuzmin landed caused nerves to shoot through every fan watching’s body. After all, this was David Price in the ring. A brawl in the centre of the ring saw Price come out on top. But left visibly tired from the exchange. Price too stiffened the legs of Kuzmin in the fourth. That would be the final success Price would enjoy.

The loss marks the sixth in Price’s career. The Liverpudlian adamant that he would like a rematch once he has healed.

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